People are sick and dying from a vaccine that was supposed to protect them.

Are you next?

The anthrax vaccine is untested, unsafe, ineffective, unethical, and illegal.

Tom Heemstra, a former F-16 Fighter Squadron Commander, takes you deep into politically charged controversy and exposes the truth about the unsafe, untested, unethical and illegal anthrax vaccine. The Department of Defense’s mandatory Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP) resulted in illness and death - from a vaccine that was supposed to protect our military forces.

Now the public is being offered the same vaccine...are you next?

Lt. Col. Tom Heemstra Exposes Dangers Of Experimental Anthrax Vaccine

Is the anthrax vaccine as bad as people say it is? No - it's worse, says author Lt. Col. Thomas S. Heemstra, author of, Anthrax: A Deadly Shot in the Dark: Unmasking the Truth Behind a Deadly Vaccine. Karen (not her real name) is in the U.S. Army, a former member of a tough and demanding air assault team. She used to run at least 8 miles every day until she received the anthrax vaccine. Now, at just 25 years old, she is so weak that she cannot even tie her own shoes. She has 28 diagnosed symptoms, and has lost the ability to have children. Worst of all, she is about to be forced out of the military and will have no place to turn for the long term medical care that she desperately needs.

Heemstra, a former F-16 Fighter Squadron Commander, is speaking out around the country to promote the book and expose the problems behind the U.S. military's Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP). The book explores in depth the politically charged controversy that exposes an unsafe, untested, unethical and illegal vaccine, and contains information about both anthrax and the vaccine not generally known to the public.

Tom Heemstra enjoyed a successful military career spanning twenty years. With over 3000 flying hours and 15 combat missions in the Gulf War, he was no stranger to risk. He cared deeply about the welfare of his pilots and their ability to perform, and was diligent concerning all safety matters associated with the demanding F-16 cockpit. As his officer training had taught him, he applied critical thinking to the ethics and risks involved in the military's mandatory anthrax vaccination program, and began to ask questions. Heemstra's concern for his pilots compelled him to gather independent evidence about the hazardous nature of the vaccine. When he made the information available to his squadron, the Air Force retaliated with punishment, malicious performance reports, and, finally, forced retirement. He testified twice before the House Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, Veterans Affairs, and International Relations concerning the exodus of Air Force pilots and the safety of the anthrax vaccine. In the process, he developed a strong base of support within Congress.

In the forward to the book, Congressman Christopher Shays, chairman of the House Government Reform Subcommittee, wrote "When honor was challenged and truth was in jeopardy, Tom answered the call. This story is one of courage, selflessness, and patriotism."

Heemstra is an articulate speaker who has been featured on News Hour with Jim Lehrer, ABC News, CNN, Common Sense with Oliver North on Radio America, Dateline Washington and numerous local and regional news programs.

A Brief Synopsis

ANTHRAX: A Deadly Shot in the Dark, Unmasking the Truth Behind a Hazardous Vaccine
by Thomas Heemstra
People are sick and dying from a vaccine that was supposed to protect them. Author Tom Heemstra is anxious for the public to know what military troops have discovered: the Department of Defense considers its armed forces to be little more than guinea pigs just waiting for their next experimental drug testing regimen. And the public is next.

The Basis and the Background

The author provides insight into his purpose in writing the book: to save lives - both military and civilian. He offers detailed information about anthrax (Bacillus anthracis), the Defense Department's mandatory anthrax vaccine immunization program (AVIP), and an appeal to readers to become knowledgeable about the vaccine before they make "the shot decision" for themselves or their loved ones.

Friendly Fire: An Untested Vaccine

The Department of Defense (DOD) devised a program in which active troops are ordered to be vaccinated with an untested, experimental vaccine. Two vaccines, the original and the newly licensed one of the '70s, were made using different processes and have different data to support their safety. Every war has injuries and fatalities due to accidental 'friendly fire' but the mandatory AVIP produces victims by intention. The DOD did no Gulf War illness testing; no safety testing; no human efficacy testing; and no gender and fertility testing. And now comes the Joint Vaccination Acquisition Program (JVAP), another DOD brainchild, and another case in which testing is questionable.

Ready.Fire.Aim! An Unsafe Vaccine

Because they obeyed the Pentagon's AVIP orders, individuals in the military are suffering from the vaccine. It has ruined their health, and they are now jeopardizing their own safety and the safety of those they are charged with protecting.
The author introduces the victims and chronicles the effects of the vaccine on the thousands who are now ill (some fatally). He examines six deaths attributed to the vaccine, in spite of the DOD's insistence that these are not 'causal events' but 'minor reactions'.
Studies around the world link the anthrax vaccine and Gulf War illness. Moreover, the FDA discovered squalene - an illegal immunoenhancer - in anthrax vaccine, although the DOD had persistently denied it was using squalene. BioPort, the vaccine manufacturer, was repeatedly told to remove the squalene from the vaccine. The Journal of the AMA reveals connections among anthrax, squalene and HIV/AIDS research.

Firing Blanks: An Unnecessary Vaccine

The necessity of an anthrax vaccine program is disputed in both medical and military arenas, but the Defense Department continues to leverage the panic caused by recent terrorist attacks to push its AVIP forward. The skewed version of force protection is not only costly in terms of lives and funds, but it wastes time we could be spending on devising true, effective, safe force protection.

Exit Wounds: An Unpopular Vaccine

Disbelief turns to outrage as the Air Guard is ordered to take a vaccine that would affect their performance as pilots. Heemstra testifies twice before Congressional Committees, who were investigating the safety of the anthrax vaccine and wanting to know why military pilots were leaving their jobs. The unpopularity of AVIP policy has a deep impact on troop retention and morale.

Our Trust Is Shot: An Unethical Vaccine

The ethics surrounding every part of AVIP are a travesty. "Informed consent" seems to be reserved for civilians, as military troops are not provided accurate or complete information to make a decision about the vaccine. Members of Congress are frustrated and angry with the DOD as it evades questions and provides only unsubstantiated and vague claims about effects and reasoning behind the AVIP.
It is disclosed that BioPort is owned in part by a U.S. citizen of Lebanese descent whose business successes include vaccine client Saudi Arabia. BioPort's Board of Directors includes Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral William Crowe.

There Is No Defense: An Unlawful Vaccine

Experimentation on uninformed subjects is highly illegal, but the Pentagon has been caught red-handed doing it more than once in its recent history. The author examines AVIP in light of the Nuremberg Code and the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution. Military lawyers present the nature and evidence of AVIP as an illegal order.
The Rockefeller Report examines biological experimentation on U.S. troops and presents findings and recommendations that should have stopped AVIP before it started.

The Time Is Now: An Uncontrolled Vaccine

The situation has worsened as AVIP spins out of control. BioPort's unreliability is reaffirmed with reports that there was a major loss of vaccine between BioPort in Michigan and the packager in Seattle.
Despite the threat of mad-cow disease, BioPort (according to the FDA) continues to use bovine-derived material in batches of vaccine. A leaking of this vaccine across the country could have disastrous consequences.
BioPort is back in business, newly approved by the FDA to restart production and release previously quarantined vaccines. Because the vaccine is already a reality for many civilians including postal workers, the author encourages us to become informed and act on our knowledge, calling for accountability and responsibility in the Pentagon.

A Few Key Media Points

ANTHRAX: A Deadly Shot in the Dark, Unmasking the Truth Behind a Hazardous Vaccine
by Thomas Heemstra

People are Sick and Dying from the Vaccine

Among the vaccinated military personnel, serious adverse reactions occur from the shots, including aseptic meningitis, Guillain-Barré syndrome and lupus, to name just a few. Victims calling themselves the "walking dead" have testified before Congress since 1997, when the AVIP went into effect. Richard Dunn, a BioPort employee who took the same vaccine given to the nation's military personnel, died - not from anthrax, but from the vaccine.

Vaccine is Common Denominator in GWI Victims

Many troops were vaccinated during the Gulf War, and even those who were not deployed to the Middle East suffer from various degrees of Gulf War illness. Allied troops who fought beneath the same smoky skies do not report anything like Gulf War illness.

Hundreds Court-Martialed for Disobeying an Unlawful Order

Military personnel take an oath to "obey lawful orders." The vaccine is an untested Investigational New Drug (IND). Without offering the option of "informed consent", ordering humans to take an experimental drug is an unlawful order.
Though more than two million military personnel were ordered to take the vaccine, nearly 400 refused and are being punished. Many others - mostly pilots - resigned rather than submit to inoculation.

Lack of Quality, Integrity and Credibility of BioPort

The military's sole source of anthrax vaccine is BioPort, a manufacturer with an extensive and well-documented history of FDA violations in the manufacturing, labeling and distribution of the vaccine. Illegal substances and gasket material were repeatedly found in the vaccine. No long-term efficacy, safety, gender or fertility testing was ever conducted on the vaccine.

BioPort Loses Vaccine In Transit To Seattle.

BioPort's unreliability is reaffirmed with reports that there was a major loss of vaccine between BioPort in Michigan and the packager in Seattle.
Despite the threat of mad-cow disease, BioPort (according to the FDA) continues to use bovine-derived material in batches of vaccine. A leaking of this vaccine across the country could have disastrous consequences.

Invalid License

Before the FDA began licensing vaccines, the anthrax vaccine was licensed by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Even though the vaccine itself changed when the manufacturing process was modified, the original license was still used, resulting in two distinct vaccines under the same license. Changes to the vaccine and various procedures, such as re-dating expired lots, were made without FDA approval. Now, with BioPort's recent FDA approval, previously quarantined - and flawed - vaccine is about to be distributed for troop inoculation.

Ethics and Conflicts of Interest: Money Trail from BioPort.

The DOD has spent millions of dollars assisting BioPort. Controversy surrounds the details of retired U.S. Navy Admiral William Crowe's 22 percent ownership of BioPort. BioPort's primary owner, Fuad el Hibri, is a Venezuelan-turned-German-turned-U.S. citizen of Lebanese descent whose business successes include vaccine client Saudi Arabia. Prior to AVIP, Fuad el Hibri previously made a small fortune selling anthrax vaccine to the U.K., where there are now almost 2000 British soldiers suing the British Ministry of Defense over the vaccine. Investigative reporter Sherman Skolnick (November 2001) wrote that investment firms tied to former President George H.W. Bush, such as the Carlyle Group, located six blocks from the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, and the bin Laden family have invested in BioPort. Reports connect BioPort to former President Clinton through its investors' contributions to Clinton's last campaign, influencing Secretary of Defense William Cohen's decision to order the mass inoculation of the military.

Pentagon Creates Media Hype

The U.S. actually sold ingredients for making anthrax to Iraq, creating the threat in the first place. Now, the public is clamoring for a vaccine in the wake of the terrorist attacks, justifying the Pentagon's push for more anthrax vaccine and fueling the Pentagon's fire for creating an AVIP in the public arena.

Whistleblower Law Violated

Though they acted purely in the interests of health and safety, and well within the provisions of the Military Whistleblower Protection Act (Title 10, United States Code, Section 1034), Tom Heemstra and many others continue to be persecuted with harassment, altered personnel files, loss of pay, removal from duties, forced retirement, court martial, and even imprisonment.

No Response from Inspector General

Tom Heemstra's military status is still uncertain, despite repeated attempts by members of Congress to secure information and resolution on Tom's behalf.

Vaccine Ineffective

The effectiveness of the vaccine is highly questionable. When a vaccinated worker at the offensive bio-warfare program at Fort Detrick took his mask off in an anthrax "hot room," he got a whiff of anthrax and died. The FDA found the vaccine to be effective only for anthrax absorbed through the skin and did not even test it for the deadly inhalation anthrax.